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Educational Multimedia

Alphapure's instructional design process begins with front-end analysis and ends with publication.

instructional design flow diagram


The analysis phase includes assessment of the instructional needs, outcomes, audience profile and subject matter to be taught. These analyses are compiled into a comprehensive project plan, which details the project goals, learning objectives, instructional strategies, and project timeline.

Time/Budget percentage: 10-15%


Design flows from the analysis phase and goes hand-in-hand with scripting. In this phase, the macro-level structure, look, feel, and navigation are defined, usually in the form of a working prototype. The prototype is then reviewed by clients and refined until it is approved for use as the basis for the actual instructional product

Time/Budget percentage: 5-10%


Scripting flows from the analysis phase and goes hand-in-hand with design. Where the design phase focuses on the macro-level, scripting focuses on the details. In the scripting phase, all of the instructional content is developed into narrative scripts and storyboards. This process requires close interaction between the project designer/developer and subject-matter experts who play key roles shaping, explaining, and verifying content accuracy.

Time/Budget percentage: 20-30%

Media Production

Media production flows from design and scripting, and usually occurs in parallel with coding. In this phase, all the media elements to be used in the final project are developed. This may include photographs, charts, schematics, 2-D and 3-D graphics, animations, recorded narrations and music, video clips, Flash movies, and other multimedia elements.

Time/Budget percentage: 10-20%


Coding flows from design and scripting, and usually occurs in parallel with media production. Computer code is the glue that ties the many disparate media elements together, to form integrated multimedia instructional products. Alphapure has experience coding in many formats, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and ActionScript.

Time/Budget percentage: 10-20%


The review phase flows from and cycles back to media production and coding. Reviews can be done on many levels, including design, asthetics, content accuracy, programming robustness, and learning effectiveness. Review findings usually trigger subsequent revision and follow-up review cycles, which repeat until the final product is published.

Time/Budget percentage: 10%


Project publication begins once a client has approved the final form of an instructional product for release. Publication methods vary, depending on the delivery vehicle. Alphapure has experience publishing instructional products in a variety of formats, including CD, Web, and downloadable self-installing archives. At the time of publication, product promotion and marketing are also very important keys to project sucess.

Time/Budget percentage: 5-10%

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